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Products & Service

Annealing Heat Treatment

"Annealing is a method, which helps in recovering cold work and relaxing stresses within a metal. It takes place during the designing process of tools, crank shafts, gears, bushings, nut, bolt, gears and pivots. Annealing is carried out in a controlled atmosphere by using methanol for various components including the stators for electric motors. Moreover, electrical laminations and stators are heat-treated in pearl annealing furnace..


Carbo Nitriding

We undertake Carbo Nitriding heat treatment for various alloy parts using pit type gas carburizing furnaces. The furnace is integrated with auto tuning microprocessor based ramping controller along with soak timer, which ensures execution of flawless service. In this process, both carbon and nitrogen are diffused thus, making it suitable for low carbon alloys of steels. Carbonitriding takes place at 760-870 C (1400 - 1598 F) where alloys parts are heated in an atmosphere of hydrocarbon, which has methane or propane and is mixed with Ammonia (NH3).


Case Hardening

Keeping in mind the requirement of various industries, we offer Case Hardening services to our clients. It helps in hardening ferrous alloys in order to make the surface layer harder than the core. During the process, the chemical composition of the surface layer changes by adding carbon, nitrogen, or both. Moreover, the steel heat treatment gives rise to numerous processes like carburizing, carbo nitriding and gas nitridings


Direct Hardening

Our organization is known for undertaking Direct Hardening process in which hardening of steel requires a change in structure. The hardening process takes place at the time of designing components like screw drivers, nut bolt, small bushes, pins, rivets and others. With the help of sophisticated machines and equipment, we are able to offer precision hardening as per the industry requirements


Heat Treatment Services

We are engaged in offering Heat Treatment Services using highly advanced machines and equipment. The heat treatment method is influential in improving the tensile mechanical properties of ferrous & non ferrous metals and HPDC components. We provide this service for all type of gears, fasteners, industrial chain parts, shaft, bushes, pins and auto parts. This helps in meeting the requirements of various industries


Normalizing Treatment Services

We offer Normalizing treatment to achieve higher hardness and strength of ferrous alloys. This process helps in gaining a grain structure of fine Pearlite with excess of Ferrite or Cementite as the alloys are heated upto 100 F above the critical range. The structure is removed from the furnace to be cooled at controlled room temperature. Normalizing process is widely used in mechanical, civil construction and automobile industries.


Spherodised Annealing

ur professionals hold expertise in undertaking Spherodised Annealing to meet the requirements of various industries. It is designed in order to anneal the steel wire coil and transformers core, which makes them soft and ductile. Spherodised Annealing helps in making the metal products, user friendly, compact in size, highly efficient and low in maintenance.


Stress Relieving

As the machining induces stress in the parts, distortion might occur therefore, Stress Relieving is required. Stress Relieving is designed for P.C. wires, single and stranded wires, which are subjected to a temperature of about 650 C (1202 F). The internal stress is removed up to 90% thus, making the parts highly durable.


Tempering Services

Tempering services offered by us help in the fabrication of nuts, bolts and tools that are available in varied specifications. This process is subsequent to quench hardening as the parts are brittle due to the predominance of Martensite. It also helps in attaining hardness, ductility, toughness, strength and structural stability as per the application specific requirements